Sisterhood CWA

Sisterhood CWA



We seek to evangelize our Catholic sisters in a counter-cultural revolution to remain faithful to or return to God’s plan for love, marriage and sex. We believe, teach and counsel that God designed sex for a married man and woman and that, for Catholics, marriage is the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony.

Our Patroness Saint is Holy Mary, the Mother of God.

We do not seek to change, modify or modernize Church teaching. Rather we seek to educate our sisters in Church teachings and the basis for those teachings.

We understand that living a chaste life can be challenging; indeed, sometimes it can be very difficult. But we know also that living a virtuous life brings great joy and happiness. And so we are called to promote the virtue of chastity to our sisters by educating and counselling in accord with the teaching of the Church.

We are an interactive Sisterhood. We encourage many different forms of communication amongst our sisters. Our forums are semi-confidential in that only our sisters (i.e. no men; not even priests, bless them) can be interactive in our forums. The forums are just for “us sisters”.  Each member is assigned a number and we use only first names in our communications.

We will develop as a primarily volunteer organization of sisters.

There are no membership fees or dues. We don’t charge for anything. We don’t sell any goods or services. We don’t accept any advertising and we don’t release the names, phone numbers or email addresses of our members. We also promote other Catholic organizations and professionals and we try to negotiate special prices for their goods and services for our members.

We have multiple levels of membership. Our level #1 membership is a “monitoring member”. A monitoring member can review the entire website and forums but without being interactive.

A level #2 member agrees to accept Church teaching and pledges to do her best to lead a chaste and virtuous life and to encourage other sisters to also live lives in harmony with Church teaching. A level #2 member is entitled to be interactive in all forms of communication.

We invite and encourage sisters of all ages to join us. We are especially concerned with the education and counseling of adolescents. More mature sisters can help younger sisters simply by introducing them to our Sisterhood
We note that medical associations such as American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) and American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) promote long acting reversible contraceptives (LARC’s) for all women, including adolescents. Organizations such as ACOG and AAP help establish and promote the free sex culture the Church and the Sisterhood reject. We believe these contraceptives are unhealthy, both spiritually and physically.

Understanding Church teaching on pre-and extra-marital sex, pornography contraception, abortion and most forms of assisted reproductive technologies requires study. Acceptance of Church teaching and living a life in harmony with that teaching requires Grace which will be achieved with prayer and the frequenting of the Sacraments.  Very often the men in our lives present the greatest challenge to living a chaste life, but not if they understand Church teaching and love us.

Most charitable organizations seek donations of money from their memberships. But that’s not our Sisterhood’s primary concern. We need our sisters to participate by volunteering their time. We need help in many areas, starting with moderating our forums and responding to inquiries. Any time from two hours per week to whatever you can manage will be most appreciated.

We also need member sisters to refer other sisters to our Sisterhood, especially adolescents. We need to design strong programs for our adolescent sisters who are at great risk for long lasting physical and spiritual injuries. More mature sisters can help younger sisters simply by introducing them to the Sisterhood. And adolescent sisters can help their friends by encouraging them to join the Sisterhood.

Non-Catholic sisters can be level #1 “monitoring members”.

Please fill out the email on this page and become a level #1 monitoring member.

Welcome and Pax Christi.