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Welcome To The Sisterhood Of
Catholic Women And Adolescents!


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We Focus Primarily On The Topics of
Fertility Awareness And Chastity


We Pray And Hope That You Join Us In The
Exciting Journey Towards The Peace And Joy Of
A Virtuous Life !

Sisterhood of Catholic Women and Adolescents


Our Sisterhood seeks to educate the whole person – body, mind and spirit. We are a community of Catholic women striving for holiness to the glory of God.

We look to our Blessed Mother as an example of the true meaning of femininity and virtue. In order to imitate our Blessed Mother’s Holiness, the Sisterhood teaches women about God’s plan for their sexuality.

We live in a culture that misleads us on what it means to be a real woman. The culture promotes contraception and promiscuity as freedom; and that the gift of bearing life is to be shunned. At the Sisterhood we look only to what our loving Father whispers in our hearts.

Recent Study on NFP’s effect on Couple Relationships and Sexual Satisfaction

We know and live by the truth that God has created women to be walking tabernacles, an earthly dwelling place for God, just as Mary was. God calls men to be tabernacles as well, but women are called in a unique way since we are the ones through whom God brings forth new life. We pray and hope that you join us in the exciting journey towards the peace and joy of a virtuous life.

Welcome and Pax Christi!

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