Helpful Resources

Helpful Resources

Natural Family Planning—The following links provide guidance in specific methods of Fertility Awareness Based Methods for family planning.

Billings Ovulation Method America—USA

WOOMB International–

Billings chart app/online PC version–

Another Billings App–

Ovulation Mentor–

Couple to Couple League International

Cycle Technologies–

Marquette Method of Natural Family Planning–


Creighton Model of NFP–

Fertility Education Medical Management–

My Catholic Doctor– General medicine, behavioral health, specialty care from a Catholic perspective. See a doctor, counselor, or specialty nurse by secure video call. The first visit is free.

More info about Fertility Awareness—The following links will take you to other resources where you can learn more about fertility awareness as well as another program that is geared towards teens.

Natural Womanhood–

FACTS about Fertility—

International Institute for Restorative Reproductive Medicine–


Cherry Blossom Buds offers a fertility and chastity education program for mothers and their daughters, ages 5 through 22.

 Pregnancy/Miscarriage Support—Infertility, miscarriage, and difficult fetal diagnoses can be life-altering. The following links may provide support during these challenging times.

Early Pregnancy Loss Association–

Organic Conceptions–

comprehensive, practical, and peer-based support to parents experiencing a prenatal diagnosis and carrying to term–

Wedding Dresses turned into burial garments for babies–

Online Faith Communities—If you are looking to continue walking alongside other Catholics during this part of your journey, consider the following groups.

Theology of the Body Community–

Women’s Mentoring program–

Women’s Group/Book study program–

Educating on the Nature and Dignity of Women—

Missionary Groups/Faith Communities—Are you called to a radical ‘yes’ to Jesus? The following groups might be your opportunity to go where He is calling.

NET missionaries—

FOCUS missionaries–

Culture Project–

Universal Fiat–

Sisters of life–

Navigating the world as a Catholic— Pornography affects the brain, harms relationships, and affects society. Below are some links you can use to take up arms and fight back!

Screen accountability–

Emotional Virtue-

Educating kids/adults on effects of porn–

Fight the new drug–

The Chastity Project—

New Directions in Women’s Healthcare—Women deserve much more when it comes to healthcare. We deserve answers and proper diagnoses, not artificial hormonal ‘fix alls’ that don’t get to the root cause of our symptoms. Below are some exciting new developments in women’s healthcare.

Guiding Star project-

Pro Women’s Healthcare Centers—

Abortion healing – Abortion can have lasting effects on a woman. If you, or someone you know wants help, here are some links to get you started.

And then there were none—

Abortion healing resources–

Racheal’s vineyard–

Healing from abortion–

Good Catholic content– Choices form habits, and habits form virtues. To continue growing in holiness, there must be some effort on our part. But how can we follow someone we don’t know? Below are some great places to continue your journey in getting to know Jesus and His Church.


Higher learning The Augustine Institute–