3 Benefits to charting, even if you’re not looking to get pregnant by Nicole Moore

Many women think fertility charting is for the sole purpose of beginning a family. But really, fertility charting is for much more than just pinpointing the best day to conceive.

As a single woman myself, I can tell you that charting has radically changed my life and the way that I view my health. It has helped me tap into an area of my femininity that had remained dormant until about a year and half ago.

Here is a short list that will give you a better understanding of the benefits of charting if you are woman not looking to get pregnant:

1.) You’ll be able to anticipate Aunt Flo

After charting your cycle for a while, you will begin to notice a pattern with your cycle length.

You will notice that your cycle stays between a certain numbers of days every month. Once you decipher what this number is, you will be able to successfully anticipate your period. This means no more embarrassing surprises that leave stubborn stains.

2.) You will know when you’ll be most interested in sex

That escalated quickly right? I know – but believe me when I tell you that this point is super important (maybe the most important).

When a woman is charting her cycle, she is able to determine the days that she is fertile. These are the days in the cycle when estrogen is on the rise. And when estrogen is on the rise, so is a woman’s sex drive. Point blank, these are the days when men are going to be a lot more attractive to you and when you become a lot more attractive to them.

Knowing this, will help you make wise decisions about who to hang out with and what you do during this time of fertility. It will save you from giving your number to a guy who seems like a prince when you’re fertile, but you realize is a frog when you are no longer in heat.

3.) You may be able to discover underlying health issues you never knew you had

When tracking your cycle, the most important thing to pinpoint every month is ovulation. When a woman pinpoints that she is ovulating regularly, she knows that her body is functioning as it should. But if a woman discovers that she is not ovulating regularly (meaning she has had more than 3 cycles in one year where there were no signs of ovulation), this is a sign that there is an imbalance of some kind in her body.

Ovulatory irregularities can be signs of such things as; a hormonal imbalance, gastrointestinal issues, stress, thyroid issues, infertility issues, and sometimes in more serious cases certain kinds of cancers.

While the list of charting benefits most certainly does not end here, it’s clear that charting is super helpful for women not yet thinking about becoming mothers.

Charting is not just about fertility, it’s about overall women’s health. When a woman is in tune with her cycle, she’s better able to take care of herself and engage with the world around her.

May God bless you!

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